Honda CRV 2017 Update to be More Upmarket and Dynamic

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Honda CRV 2017 Update to be More Upmarket and Dynamic

With the runaway success of the HRV, it has been a bit of a struggle for the Honda CRV 2016. Australia sales stats show that the model has seen an upturn in interest, but Honda is set to push this in the coming months with the launch of the all new 2017 model. While the new 2016 Honda CRV for sale has been a steady seller, the new model is said to be a more dynamic and upmarket model to compete directly with the Mazda CX5 which has been dominating the medium SUV segment.

New Honda CR-V for Sale in Australia

The All New CRV:

The 2017 all new Honda CRV Australia launch is due in the latter half of next year. This will follow the world premiere which is anticipated in the U.S in the next few months. This latest iteration is anticipated to follow the design style adopted with the sportier new Honda Civic models.

The new CRV is expected to offer an abundance of cabin space, which is a hallmark of the 2016 Honda CRV for sale. However, the cabin will be far more upmarket featuring superior infotainment options and introducing a more dynamic character.

This will present a marked change from the “beige” product which has been offered in recent years. The company expressed a desire to move away from this self confessed label. However, there will be a fine balance. Honda doesn’t want to make the new CRV into a sports car, but it is expected to match the class leaders in the segment in terms of a more sporty and dynamic personality.

The Design Rationale:

According to Honda Australia director, Stephen Collins, the new CRV is a great looking vehicle. It has a more distinctive, rugged and dynamic look compared to the 2016 Honda CRV for sale. He also added that a “premium quality interior” has been added, which will build on the layout of the Honda CRV 2016. Australia drivers may also be offered a seven seat variant, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Mr. Collins stated that performance was a specific area where Honda wanted to make improvements. The company was aiming to improve the handling and ride to create an even more fun driving experience. This would mean that the CRV would follow the precedent set by the new dynamic Civic.

Possible Variants:

Although there have been very few confirmed details, it is expected that there will be several petrol engine variants. This choice is likely to include an updated naturally aspirated engine for the entry level models and a new turbocharged 2.0 litre from the new Honda engine range for the higher spec models. It is not likely that we will see a hybrid in Australia, and diesel options are likely to follow the petrol variants. It is also possible that we will see both front and all wheel drive variants.

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